Hub Activities

Rice growing season: Wet season (June-November)

Rainfed Lowland yield (t/ha): 2.1

Rice Area per Farmer (ha): ≥1.0 et <1.5

General farmer’s support and assets

Presence of farmer’s association: Yes

Access to credit: No or limited

Land ownership (does farmer rent land?): No

Popular Varieties Grown

Rainfed Lowland: FARO44, FARO57

Selected Crop Management

Land preparation: Manual

Crop establishment: Direct seeding

Herbicide use: Yes

Chemical fertilizer application: Not common

Harvesting: Manual

Threshing: Manual

Women activities: Sowing, weeding, bird control, harvesting, threshing, winnowing, drying, transporting, storage.

Major Challenges: Fertilizer access, iron toxicity, flooding, mechanization



2013 SARD-SC Agronomy Activities in  Lafia Hub

Yield gap survey was executed which was selected hub for rainfed lowland rice growing ecology in Nigeria.The yield carid out 36 farmers field indicated that in lafia hub ,broadcast sowing rice on ridges and or furrow was the practise by the farmers. in addition,it was observed that no water control system in place in the rice field;farmers use limited fertilizer and improper herbicide appilication method;land preparation was manuallly carried out as well as harvesting.

The findings led to introduction of selected good agricultural practices(GAP)in the hub as part of SARD-SC activity in the hub for 2013.

The table below simplified the activities per village in 2013 SARD-SC project in the hub

Activivity village No of Farmers Remarks
Yield Gap survey Igibi 20 The flood that prevented the activity in 2012 was not a hindrance in 2013
Nutrient Omission Trial Ashangwa 6 This was first year of this activity
  BukanSidi 5


  Igibi 8


  Barkin Abdullahi 1 DO
GAP Introduction Bukansidi 6 Nursery seeding/transplanting;field bunding and application of supper granule urea were the component of GAP Introduction
  Barkin Abdullahi 2 DO
  Ashngwa 5 DO
  GidanBuba 3 DO

 The Nigeria rice sector Agricultulral Transformation Agenda also contributed technically  during the 2013 activities in the hub .

Activities are usually preceeded by training on protocol by Africa rice Staff.Mr Kokou trained the team members from 26-29 May,2013 at Nasarawa Agricultural Development Programme(NADP) Office,Lafia.


Component General response from farmers
Nursery/Transplanting Good but very tedious process
Bunding Water pressure washed away most part of the bund
Supper granule urea Good but applicator needed

The following are the  Programme for 2014 SARD-SC in the Hub

GAP introduction Leveling/bunding;transplanting;on-time herbicide application 30
Nutrient Omision Trial Omision of N,P and K 20
Weeder Testing Different weeder type


Rice Advice Nutrient management options 20
Rice marketing system Branding gradding,marketting channels  



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