Biomass gasification usually involves reactions belonging to the following phenomena:

1. Drying: Moisture content of biomass is reduced to 5%. The temperature of drying is usually from 100-200 degrees Celcius

2. Pyrolysis: Thermal decomposition of biomass in the absence or oxygen or air to produce gases (CO, CO2, H2 and CxHx and solid charcoal.

3. Combustion/Oxidation: Reaction between solid carbonized biomass and oxygen in air to produce CO2 and heat.

4. Reduction: Several of these reactions take place and the temperature range is between 800-1000oC. Hydrogen in biomass is also oxidized to generate water. Carbon and hydrogen in biomass is oxidized to generate heat.

The heat generated is used for the drying, pyrolysis and gasification process. The final product is SYNGAS or PRODUCER GAS which is highly combustible