Background Information

The Goronyo Rice Innovation Platform is an outcome of the AfricaRice-TRIMING (Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria) project titled "Applying Innovation System Approach in Rice Value Chain Analysis and Development for Competitive Markets in Nigeria" funded by the World Bank and the Ministry of Water Resources of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Middle Rima Valley Irrigation Scheme Dam, Goronyo, Sokoto State, Nigeria.


On April 30, 2018, direct actors (seed supplier, grain farmers, parboilers, millers, sellers, service providers) and indirect actors (policy makers, TRIMING project, Middle Rima valley Irrigation Scheme (MRVIS), APEX (Water Users Association), AfricaRice, Usmanu Dan Fodio University of Sokoto, Local government, District head, financial institutions, International Fertilizer Development Canter (IFDC) of the rice value chain assembled set the Goronyo Rice Innovation Platform (GRIP). At the beginning, Dr Sali Ndindeng drilled participants on the concept, functioning of an IP and the importance of a platform for rice sector development with focus on success stories from different countries in West Africa (Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria). 

Following discussions amongst stakeholders, there was a unanimous decision to create the Goronyo Rice Innovation Platform (GRIP) with the vision being “Production of high quality rice for remunerative markets” The stakeholders identified two entry points. The primary entry point was “The production and marketing of high quality parboiled milled rice” while the secondary entry point was “The production and marketing of high quality paddy”. The stakeholders meeting in their first general assembly after the IP creation unanimously agreed and elected the executive of the Apex (the highest organ of the Water Users Association) as the GRIP management committee. The different actors and their role in the innovation platform (IP) were identified.


Goronyo Rice Innovation Platform meeting to identify Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.