Welcome to the rice e-hub of Nigeria


This site provides quick access to information related to rice sector development in Nigeria. 

1. The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - moving the Agriculture Transformation Agenda.

2. The  Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.

3. National Rice Development Strategy - click here to gain access to the national strategy, the rice profile, the rice map and other news related to the progresss of implementation

4. The entry point for the rice hub activities is the National Cereals Research Institute (NCRI). The Director General is Dr. S Agboire. The rice hub contact point is Dr. Emmanuel Abo of NCRI in Bida, Niger State, Nigeria.

5. There are 7 Rice Research Taskforce active in Nigeria as listed below with as focal points:

Agronomy: Samuel Bakare (NCRI)

Breeding: Alhassan T. Maji (NCRI)

Mechanization: Gbabo Agidi (NCRI)

Processing and Value Addition: Nahemia Danbaba (NCRI)

Policy and Economy: Vivian Ojehomon (NCRI)

IKEFand Administrator:Adesanya.F.Oluwatoyin(NCRI)

                The country have 2 rice hubs:

Nasarawa-Lafia Hub

Kano Hub


This is the virtual platform for the rice hubs of AfricaRice. It uses and contributes to the eRAILS system of FARA . Disclaimer