Welcome to the Rice e-Hub in Tanzania 

This site provides quick access to information related to rice sector development in Tanzania. 

1. The Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives

2. Background information

3. National Rice Development Strategy – click here to gain access to the national strategy, the rice profile, the rice map and other news related to the progresss of implementation

4. The entry point for the rice hub activities is the Division  of Research and Development (DRD) and the director  is Dr. Fidelis Myaka. The rice hub contact point is Dr.Geophrey J. Kajiru from Division of Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture  Food Security  and Cooperatives

5. There are 4 Rice Research Taskforce active in Tanzania as listed below with the focal point in the country:

6. Challenges

7. Rice Projects and Partners

  • Agronomy: Dr.Geophrey J. Kajiru (ARI Ukiriguru)
  • Breeding: Theodore Thomas Kessy (KATRIN)
  • Mechanization: Ndabhemeye MLENGERA (ARI Uyole)
  • Policy and Economy: Elisha Martine Mkandya (DRD)


This is the virtual platform for the rice hubs of AfricaRice. It uses and contributes to the eRAILS system of FARA . Disclaimer