Hub Fact Sheet

Rice growing season: Wet season (January-June)

Rainfed Lowland yield (t/ha): 2.2

Irrigated Lowland yield (t/ha): 2.1

Rice Area per Farmer (ha): ≥0.5 et <1.0

General farmer’s support and assets

Presence of farmer’s association: Not common

Access to credit: No or limited

Land ownership (does farmer rent land?): No

Popular Varieties

Rainfed Lowland: Superindia, Saro5

Irrigated: Superindia, Saro5

Selected Crop Management

Land preparation: Manual

Crop establishment: Direct seeding, transplanting

Water supply: River

Herbicide use: Not common

Chemical fertilizer application: Not common

Harvesting: Manual

Threshing: Manual

Women activities: Weeding, harvesting, threshing.

Major Challenges: Flooding, poor water management, weeds.

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